Cooperative that helps power the West makes big renewable strides

February 27, 2020
Gov. Bill Ritter Tri-State Challenging but attainable

“Challenging but attainable.” That’s how former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association CEO Duane Highley describe Tri-State’s recently announced goals to boost its renewable power resources and reduce its carbon emissions.

Tri-State is a not-for-profit wholesale electricity cooperative that generates and transmits electricity to its member rural electric cooperatives in Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Ritter, a pioneering renewable electricity advocate, heads the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. In a column published in The Denver Post, Ritter and Highley write: “Tri-State’s Responsible Energy Plan outlines ambitious but actionable commitments and challenging but attainable goals that will make it possible for the cooperative to implement its energy transition while maintaining stable to lower rates for its members.”

By 2024, half the electricity Tri-State’s members use will come from renewable resources. Tri-State will also reduce 90% of the carbon emissions from generation it owns or operates in Colorado by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels), they write in the column.

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